Make and Receive Calls

Call anyone directly from your web browser or use the 10xCRM app. Incoming Calls can ring multiple users or you can send them to an IVR (Press 1 for Cindy, Press 2 for John)

Multiple calls can be placed into a call queue or sent to voicemail.

Call Recording & Monitoring

Listen in to live calls made or receive by anyone in your office or by remote users.

All calls are recorded and automatically linked to contact record for compliance.

Know who is calling before picking up the phone.

2 Way Text Messaging

Send and Receive Text Messages

Connect with your customers using 2 way text messaging. Every message is automatically logged in the system for compliance.

All communication by your office is saved for future reference.

Free Power Dialer

Data driven decisions are key to improving your sales. That’s why 10xCRM gives your team actionable insights to optimize presentations and sales process.

A/B Test your messages, presentation, packaging, or placement to find inefficiencies in your business.

Track performance of employees in all areas and compare it against their peers.

Enterprise Class Call Center Features

Without the enterprise Cost or Complexitly. Just Log In and Start enjoying your new call center.

IVR System

Build your Interactive Voice Reponse using Drag and Drop Interface.

Presonalized Greetings

Add custom greeting or recordings for hold time, voicemails and other prompts.

Call Control

Manage all controls in the browswer - Hold, Mute, Tranfer or Conference

Ring Groups

Ring multiple users at the same time and know if some one answered the call.

No Answer Call Forwarding

Transfer call to answering service & record the call if no one answers.

Call Queues

Define custom message, music, wait time or numbers of callers allowed in the queue.

Click To Call

Call anynumber stored in 10xCRM with one click

Outbound Caller ID

Change your outbound caller ID as needed..


Quickly listen to VM left for anyone in your company based on permission

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Users can speak with multiple parties at any time.

Business Hours

Configure business, holiday and non-business hours and customize call routing

Users Availability

Know the availbiity of any user so you know if s/he is free to take calls